PVCH Foundation Trustees Announce New Endowment

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PVCH Foundation Trustees Announce New Endowment

LARNED, KS – “I am giving this gift to honor my beloved wife, Pat Young, and to create an endowment that will benefit the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation and the hospital as long as the two exist,” shared Lewis Young upon announcing his donation to the PVCH Foundation Trustees.

The PVCH Trustees accepted Young’s motion for the creation of a new Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Endowment during their meeting on August 18,2014. With the motion came a significant contribution by Lewis Young to fund an endowment that will have long lasting benefits to the Foundation and PVCH. The name of the new endowment is the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation Endowment and it is designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income from dividends for the charitable effort of the PVCH Foundation.

 “For many non-profits, raising money for an endowment is the ultimate dream,” commented Linda Henderson, PVCH Foundation Director. “Our dream is now being realized through this gift and we look forward to building upon the dream that Lewis Young has, not only for the Foundation but also for the hospital, as we pursue the goal of having the best possible healthcare available for those that we serve.”  

 Having quality healthcare in Pawnee County is vital to the economic health of our community, and while so many communities are struggling to maintain their healthcare footing, the citizens of Pawnee County know how crucial having quality healthcare is to our residents who support our healthcare facilities.  

 Through the endowment, the Foundation Trustees will be able to use the investment income for projects that will improve the quality of healthcare at PVCH while leaving the principal intact. “Anyone can contribute to the PVCH Foundation Endowment and it is my hope that others will see the potential in supporting this endowment as well,” commented Young.

Potential means of contributing to the endowment can be through a transfer of assets such as stocks, marketable securities and real estate, bonds, life insurance, wills, life estate, retirement plans, life income gifts, and of course cash. And of course all tax benefits will be given as the law allows.

“It would be nice to have someone match what I have been able to do,” shared Young. “This will be a gift that will just keep on giving.”

“We are so grateful for the gift being made to the Foundation by Lewis Young,” stated Suzan Haynes, PVCH Foundation President. “It has always been a goal of mine to get an endowment established and now we have the capacity to build on the gift that has so generously been given.”