Community Health Organization Earns Tax Credits for 64-Slice CT Scanner

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Community Health Organization Earns Tax Credits for 64-Slice CT Scanner

The Pawnee County Community Health Organization Chairman Harry Zielke  presented a check in the amount of $375,183.50 to the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation Chairman Matt Heyn for the tax credits earned to purchase the Optima 660 64 Slice CT Scanner during their meeting this week. “Because of the community’s generosity through the CHO’s tax credit program, the community was able to help purchase this vital piece of equipment for our residents and our hospital”, commented Zielke.

“Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation is pleased to be able to partner with the Community Health Organization in bringing the highest quality medical equipment to the replacement hospital which will better serve the medical needs of those in Pawnee County,” stated Matt Heyn, PVCH Foundation Chairman.

The check from CHO made possible through the tax credits purchased by those invested in our community, along with the recent donation in memory of Pat Young, allowed the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation to purchase the higher quality CT scanner for the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital’s replacement hospital.   The GE Optima 660 64-slice CT Scanner will feature low dose radiation and an energy saving design while allowing non-invasive scanning capability that in a single rotation can create 64 high-resolution anatomical image cuts that are thinner than a credit card and form a 3-dimensional view of the internal organs.  Its speed is significant because it shortens breath holds during the scan, which can be a benefit for geriatric, pediatric, and trauma patients.

Bringing the newest technology to Pawnee Valley Community Hospital

With the acquisition of the new 64-slice scanner, Pawnee Valley Community Hospital’s radiology department will be able to gather a high-resolution image of the brain, chest or abdomen in just minutes.  A scan of the lungs, to search for a blood clot that can become a source of embolic stroke – a wandering clot or other particle which is carried by the bloodstream that lodges into an artery leading to or in the brain and blocking blood flow-  takes just minutes.

The 64-slice CT scanning is useful because it can image various types of tissue – lung, bone, soft tissue and blood vessels – with immense precision. Using specialized equipment and expertise to create and deduce CT scans of the body, radiologists can fluently diagnose abnormalities such as cancers, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.  In cases of extreme trauma, CT can quickly identify injuries to internal organs. The CT scanner can also play a significant role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular diseases that can lead to stroke, kidney failure, or death. It is also very useful to evaluate aneurysms and can follow up on surgical grafts repairs using 3-D software to produce images that can be seen from all directions.

One of the reasons that PVCH chose the Optima 660 scanner is due to the fact that it addresses the growing concern of Radiation Dose reduction in the medical field. Our goal is to achieve the best possible images with the least amount of radiation to the patient.  The GC Optima CT660 scanner offers the Optidose collimation design, which reduces the radiation dose at the source along with the ASiR software which can further reduce the radiation dose to the patients by up to 40-50%.  With the larger slice option, Pawnee Valley Community Hospital can be competitive within their market with Oncologist and Cardiologists who have clinics in Great Bend, as well as area surgeons and Orthopedists, all of whom treat many PVCH patients.  Patients who see these specialists will now be able to get the same quality scans done here.  The 64-slice scanner will also allow PVCH to perform vascular studies with the lowest dose of radiation and highest image quality that patients deserve and radiologists are accustomed to.

The Optima CT660 is also among the world’s most energy efficient 64-slice system, providing a 60% cost reduction in energy use.  It also requires 15 – 24% less space than other conventional GE CT scanners.  The ergonomic design and new convenience features, like automatic table positioning, makes it easy for technologists to use while clinicians benefit from excellent image quality, customized exam previews and streamlined workflows for highly reliable and repeatable exams.  Because it uses the same computer console across scanners, the learning curve for the PVCH technicians will be greatly reduced.  It also has the ability to accommodate patients up to 500 lbs.

This scanner has the ability to be upgraded in the future to 128 slices, and along with slice upgrades, there are other options that can be added later as the hospital’s needs grow.

“Bringing the newest technology to Pawnee Valley Community Hospital through the generous donation in memory of Pat Young and in partnership with the Community Health Organization is the role of the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation,” commented Linda Henderson, Foundation Director.   “The Foundation serves as a vehicle through which charitable donors can provide enhanced healthcare services, medical advancements and quality healthcare professionals for the residents of Pawnee County and surrounding communities.  By continuing to grow and re-invest in our facilities and services, we are able to provide high quality healthcare services to the people of this area, making Pawnee Valley Community Hospital the best critical access hospital in Rural America.”

CT Scanner – Pat Young Imaging Center

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