CHO’s Generous Donation Funds

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CHO’s Generous Donation Funds

The Community Health Organization met in a special meeting on January 9th, to discuss funding of the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation’s Leaves of Life Legacy Tree.  The Leaves of Life Legacy Tree will be a magnificent metal wall sculpture hung in the main hallway of the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital on the exterior wall of the meeting rooms.  This piece will feature brass leaves that can be engraved with the name of a loved one.  The CHO felt that by providing funding for the legacy tree, their donation would multiply over eight times in value as leaves were purchased, which would substantially increase the value of their contribution to improving healthcare in Pawnee County.  The CHO voted to approve the donation.

The Leaves of Life Legacy Tree is a wonderful way for family and friends to honor the memory of loved ones or even celebrate special moments in the lives of those they love.  With a gift of $250, each leaf will serve as a living legacy of those lives while also supporting the work of the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation by providing funding for new and replacement equipment, programs and services.  This funding will provide needed resources to improve quality of healthcare for future patients and the residents of Pawnee County.

The Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation was established in 2012 as a non-profit organization to advance quality healthcare in Pawnee County and is governed by a local board of trustees.  In partnership with their donors, the Foundation seeks to meet both immediate and long range healthcare needs in Pawnee County by addressing three important questions:  1) will it improve patient care; 2) will it improve quality healthcare in Pawnee County, and 3) how many people will be impacted each year?  A number of potential needs have already met this criteria, and on several of them an anonymous donor has agreed to a one-to-one donation match. 

For more information about the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Foundation and donation opportunities, contact Linda Henderson, Foundation Director, at PVCH or by calling 620-285-3161, ext. 8150; or emailing at

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